The Revival Sport Approach

We operate as multicultural non-profit organization working in partnership and collaboration with communities, sports networks, and faith based organizations.

We use a unique way of training leaders so they are able not only to get the values foundation and theory of leadership development, but to be able to apply and utilize this training in practical ways. A second advantage to this training is to motivate all participants to become effective leaders in various fields according to their calling.

Community Sports and Games (CSG) is a dynamic strategy for local leaders to create change in society through four activities: Games4Kids, Games4 Family, Games4Teens, and Games on the Edge (single adults and students). CSG has been effective in motivating community and developing relationships within the community. Whole Life Coaching is the tool in follow-up programs allowing us the fantastic opportunity in teaching a new generation in practical living as obedient followers.

Sports Nations is a mini-World Cups or Tournaments consisting of multiple teams / individuals from different nations which immigrated to the big cities of the US and around the world. The heartbeat of this project is seizing the international passion for sports, connect the nations, build the communities of faith.

Our Vision:
To develop healthy and sustainable faith communities by using the Scripture and language of sport in Eurasia.

Our Mission:
To train and equip the next generation of leaders in the Eurasia in community transformation efforts to be effective in discipleship through the vehicle of sport.


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Revival Sport
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Revival Sport Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

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